Brass Wheel Dori Drill

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Size: 34cm (L)
Collets : 0.5mm and 2mm

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A traditional hand drill for slow precise drilling of stone, metal or wood. Use the appropriate drill bit sizes. 2 collets for 0.5mm to 2mm shank. Diamond for glass, shell, ceramics and stones, HSS or carbide for metal and wood. Advantage of slow drilling for precision control and  when water is required in drilling glass, shells and stones. Construct a shallow well with plastercine or beewax, fill with water and commence slow smooth jiggling. A spray of lithium grease into the wood handle hole helps in ultra smooth motion expecially with the assistance of the brass flywheel momentum. Maintain a consistent up down momentum and let the weight of the drill itself slowly penetrate.

Jewellers, watch makers, gem artists and scale modellers will find this drill easy to use and precise. Most ideal when drilling with small drill bits that can break easily in crafting miniatures.

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