Calico/ Belacu

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Size: 36″(W) per metre

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A natural cotton base material suited for batik crafts and other crafts. Thinner than canvas but thicker than cotton. Beige off white can be bleached and dyed. Suitable as cloth separator in paper making to stack and press out excess water. Same application in filter press for clay slip. Many craft application with this raw organic material in fabric crafts, cosplay, props, backdrop and as painting canvas with fabric paints. A fabric material for the rustic look. Indoor display use acrylic paints from DecoArt USA with over 200 color choices. Outdoor display with remazol batik dyes, So soft fabric paints, fabric paint markers and dylon dyes. Stiffen with matt sealer and gesso as a economical painting frame. Paint with Americana acrylic paints and gloss with H20 Covercoat Varnish a flexible waterproof coating.

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