Candle Stearic Wax 2kg

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Lump form palm stearic wax. Melt by weight with paraffin wax 30% for longer burning, opacity, hardness, better demolding and color dispersion. Burns smokeless. On its own, stearic wax will set with crystalline pattern on the candle.

Palm wax or stearic wax is an organic wax with low melting point 50°C. If used as Batik wax, it helps in deep penetration into the fabric for better dye resist. Stearic wax is use to formulate crackle wax for batik. Brush on molten stearic wax on fabric. Lightly crumble fabric when wax is cooled for the crackle effect in batik or tie dye

Palm stearic wax blend well with soywax to cast organic candles for much longer burning as pillar candles.

Color vary from off white to tint of pink/beige.

Also available in beads and powder form.

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