Chengal Planed


Quick Overview

Wood Species: Chengal
Size (nominal): 1.2cm(W) x 60cm(L) x 4mm(T)



These Chengal hardwood strips are planed and smooth. 4mm thick and 12mm width. Ideal for miniature wood crafts, box making, wood bending with steaming or boiling with soda ash and water. The subsequent wood swelling can be bended or rolled to shape and will permanently retains its shape when dried. During the bending process heat gunning helps to coax the wood strips to conform to formwork. Banding straps, G clamps helps to secure the heated wood until cool .

Many lovely wood bangles, tags, rings are created with heat. Chengal wood are hard with fine grain relatively splinter free when sanded, oiled and polished. It take on tung oil for a darker tone highlighting its natural wood beauty. Followed by machine buffing with hard carnauba wax into lovely wood jewellery.

Chengal wood carves cleanly with sharp tool and can be drilled neatly without burs. Smooth planning with HSS mini hand plane. Adapts well to outdoor application and a wood of choice in traditional timber construction.

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