Crown Turning Tools 4pcs Set with Crygenically Hardened Blade – Ash Handle Black

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Overall Length: 428mm (L) each
Handle length: 254mm

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Cryogenic (Cryo) Turning Tools – Low-temperature Treated

Improved edge life and sharpness without compromising on sharpening:

Cryogenic hardening is a technically elaborate process, in which the steel is cooled down, computer-controlled, to -185 deg C after hardening. After this treatment, the steel has finer carbides that cannot develop during the usual hardening process. This results in the following excellent characteristics:

  • Longer edge life compared to conventionally hardened HSS
  • Fine cutting edge that produces very few burns
  • Easy sharpening

An outstanding set of 4 turning tools for professional use for its cryo treated blades by Crown tools Sheildfield UK.

Roughing out gouge 30mm, Skew chisel 13mm, Spindle gouge 9mm and standard triangular parting tool 6mm.

Ashwood handle black stained with brass ferrule for heavy duty turning.

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