Crystal Clear Silicon Oil 1000CS – 100g

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Viscosity in 25°C: 1010.6
Specific Gravity: 0.969- 0.974
Color: Crystal clear

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A silicon fluid with many applications. This vicious fluid oil is used as lubrication of rubber belting of treadmill, car wind screen wiper and rubber tyres to prevent cracking. Lubricated hand tools like saw blades, machete, knives, drill bits, planner blades, screw thread and as rust prevention. Helps to replenish silicon oil leached from rubber and silicon rubber molds. Thus serving as a release agent as more concentrated than silicon spray. Its water repellency due to its lower surface tension than water is useful as water proofing of fabric, cement and leather. Leather treated with silicon oil prevents cracking and soften fibres for durability and water proofing. Simple brush on application or spray. Silicon oil is also an anti foamer in water base formulation. In art application, the addition of small quantity of silicon oil to acrylic paint function as a dispersing  agent and cells formation in pouring art commonly known as dirty art with one of its kind art pieces. Fun indeed for children garden event. The addition of silicon oil to silly putty gives much better fluidity and sloppiness. A human safe non toxic silicon oil for industries, cosmetics, soap and art. Also available water base silicon emulsion SAG -470 in 100ml.

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