DecoArt Glamour Dust – Sprinkle On Glitter 29.5g


Quick Overview

Gold and Crystal

Size: 29.5g
Made in USA

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Glamour Dust Ultra Fine Glitter Paint is a premium, all-purpose, fine-flake glitter paint that adds subtle sparkle and shine to arts, crafts, and home decor projects. It offers dramatically better coverage than glitter glues because of its heavy glitter loading and the inclusion of multiple shades of glitter in each bottle. Also available in a sprinkle-on version for adding ultra-fine sparkle and detail to painted projects.

  • Permanent
  • Available in brush-on and writer formulas
  • Water-based
  • Non-toxic

Application Methods:

Add sparkle to painted fabric or craft projects. On fabric, shake onto a thick layer of wet fabric paint. Dry 48 hours. On craft projects, shake desired amount onto wet paint or over a wet, clear-drying adhesive like Multifilla modelling glue that dries permanent. Same over flexible H20 covercoat before it dries.

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