DecoArt High-Gloss Patent Leather Paint 59ml


Quick Overview

Size: 59ml



Refresh or restyle leather and leather-like surfaces with this high-gloss acrylic paint. It’s specially formulated to be flexible to prevent cracking or peeling. Ideal for shoes, boots, belts, purses, and faux leather.

  • Superior flow and leveling
  • Water-based
  • Ideal color palette for fashion decor
  • Non-toxic
  • Soap and water clean-up

How To Use Patent Leather

Apply evenly with a soft-bristled brush. Allow to dry between coats. Cure for 24-48 hrs. before use. Water-resistant. Water-based. Permanent. Soap and water clean up.

Tips For Patent Leather

Clean surface thoroughly for best paint adhesion.

Works best on smooth leathers/faux-leathers.

Stir bottle instead of shake. If you shake, let it set for 15 min to allow bubbles to disappear.

Work swiftly and do not over brush.

If working in an area that overlaps (like a purse that has a flap for instance) cover that area with wax paper or freezer paper.

Watch for drips on vertical areas and immediately smooth out with brush.

Let dry completely and apply second coat if needed.

Covers in one to two coats depending on color of surface and color of paint.

As a protective coating brush on H20 cover coat varnish code reference 8800004 a flexible waterproof PU film that dries glossy.

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