DecoArt Ink Effects 1oz – Assorted Colors


Quick Overview

Size: 1oz/29ml



Ink Effects are fabric transfer inks that absorb into the fabric for soft, flexible, and washable transfers. Ink effects can be used on coloring book pages for unlimited pattern designs. Shake well before use.

Application Methods:

Simply paint your design on any white paper till satisfied.  Let dry. Then use an iron to transfer it onto a light colored wearable or home décor fabric piece of your choice. Similiar like a DIY transfer decal handpainted or stenciled.

methods         slider_bike_girl slider_dandelion_pillow_bedslider_splat_tshirt_girl slider_mermaid_girl

 Bright colors intensity best on silk, Fuji silk and used as fabric paints for floral painting or DIY decals.  Heat fix by ironing or heat gun.

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