EVA Foam – 1 Roll


Quick Overview

Thickness: 2mm(450g), 5mm, 10 mm, 20mm and 50mm
Density: Medium 110kg/m3



A soft flexible foam rubber in various attractive colors. Many uses in cosplay as these foam can be finished in replicate leather, wood, metal and floral by heat ironing, carving, shaping with heat gun and metallised by sealing and aerosol metallic spray. Form giant flowers for display. Children crafts as easy to cut with scissors or with hot wire cutter.

Sand blasting with EVA foam as durable stencils as the sponge softness resist and rebound the abrasive grains.

Bond with contact adhesive or superglue or modelling glue applied on both surfaces. Contact adhesive need to be tacky dry before bonding by hammering or clamping. Gloss finish with H20 Covercoat Varnish being a flexible glossy film will not crack as EVA foam flexes.

Thickness of 10mm , 30mm are use to form Kydex, vegetable tanned leather as holster, knives sheaths, archery arm guard by clamping. Even as archery  target board stacked bonded.

As craft roll, any dust or dirt can be wipped off with soapy water.

Medium density 110kg/M3


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