Gelatin- CRAFT USE


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Sizes: 50g and 500g



Halal craft grade gelatine powder to dissolve in water before heating. Amount of water is based on the intended application as more water softer gelatine. Gelatin is a versatile reusable molding, modelling compound and halal safe. DIY gelli printing plate, prop make up, prosthetics, ballastic gel, paint balls, mold making for one off plaster casting. It retains its solid structure when cool and can be stored in fridge and reheating to cast. Castable in silicon rubber molds. Accepts water base food colors. An alternative to solvent base flower dip resin for event and banquet decorations.

Can be thickened with Tylose, made flexible with glycerine and sorbitol. Dissolve gelatin powder and tylose fully. Stir well while heating to ensure lump free. Cast before it cools. As gelli plate the addition of Alum while cooking could help as a preservative.

Gelatine is use to formulate gilding bole to base coat gesso wooden frames, cement or plaster before application of gold leaf as water gilding. Soak 80g gelatine granule powder in 1 litre water for 30 minutes. Warm up water while stirring till all gelatine is dissolved. Do not allow to boil. Sieve bentonite clay into this warm glue and stir slowly without incorporating bubbles. Stop adding clay when mixture viscosity is like latex paint for brush application. Apply 2-3 criss cross coatings with fine #4000 mesh sanding on each dried coat before brushing on the next coat.

As an animal base protein extract from cow hoofs and hides the gelatine solution is also a gilding glue and adhesive. Its drying time can be controlled with the amount of distilled water used in dissolving the gelatine into a solution. Too little water makes the glue difficult to clean up but dries faster. Warming up substract and applied gelatine solution with heat gun also assist in drying. Note to prepare sufficient solution for day’s work as it will not keep. Discard if it smells bad.

As paper sizing to prevent ink bleed through. Dip or spray gelatine solution on both surfaces and hang dry. If room humidity is low it will curl and stack drying with inter space PET plastic sheet sprayed with silicon release will straighten and releaseĀ  paper in drying.


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