Glass Valve for Vacuum Dessicator 150mm-300mm


Quick Overview

Overall Length: 9.5cm – 10cm
Diameter: 19mm – 24mm



Glass valves to fit 150mm, 240mm and 300mm glass dessicator in laboratory use. These spare valves are handy as replacement for broken valves that are only available with the dessicator jar set. To ensure leak free installation, apply petroleum jelly to the cover hole and the  suction control T valve hole. Once the vacuum is created it is leak free as the petroleum jelly seals tight making impossible to remove the glass valve or control T valve.  The petroleum jelly lubricated the T valve thus easy to turn for vacuuming and locking in the vacuum. To open the jar cover, stop the vacuum pump, detach the vacuum hose from the glass valve carefully and turn the T valve to align the valve slot to suck in atmospheric air. Then slide cover to with both hands to open.

Glass valve is also know as stopcock to store contents under vacuum in the dessicator. Note the design of the valve hole is either open hollow or enclosed with 2 openings. Both designs will not hinder the vacuuming function.

Valve A  diameter 23mm – 24mm for dessicator 240mm and 300mm

Valve B diameter  19mm  for dessicator 150mm.

Vacuum dessicators are for vacuuming in laboratory, degassing of resins, silicon molding materials, flora and fauna drying under vacuum with silica gel. Safe to use with vacuum pumps 6 cfm, 9 cfm and 12 cfm. Note to apply petroleum jelly to both surfaces of the glass cover and and jar rim.

Vacuum Dessicator Set

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