Graver Sharpener

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Size: 3.5cm x 4.5cm

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Ensure graver tool sharpness as angle is set to sharpen over a diamond whet stone, oil stone or sand paper. Suitable to sharp round, triangle, oval and square gravers. Such small gravers is difficult to sharp free hand as inconsistent movement will not result in a sharp keen edge. Metal construction with carbon steel roller for durability.

This is a roller style block for sharpening graver blades. Simply insert your graver into this tool and tighten the thumbscrew – then press the tip of the engraver to the block, and keep a gentle pressure on the blade as you pull it across the block. This will result in the sharpening of the engraving blade. Includes two thumb screws to fit multiple shapes of your gravers and a smooth rolling wheel to go over your sharpener.

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