Hitachi White Paper Steel – 719617

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Size: 5.5mm x 35mm x 380mm

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Close to the sword metal.

Steel with this composition was frequently used in Japanese swords (Katana). The high carbon core layer does only extend

to the middle of the blade’s profile. Multiple layers of softer steel folded on either side make this metal virtually unbreakable

with excellent cutting properties. This type of construction also minimises the risk of cracking during hardening. Usually the

steel is forged further, but a blade can also be ground from the steel directly. The material is supplied unhardened;

instructions for heat treatment included (final hardness 62 HRC). Not rustproof.

C >White Paper Steel<

Finest grain, sharpest grade apply light machine oil to prevent rusting.

Maintenance sharpening of knives forged with this metal is best with Japanese water stone #1000 -# 3000 or finer for razor sharpness noted with white paper steel core.

5.5 x 35 x 380 mm

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