Large Hot Melt Glue Gun 110-240V 60W

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Hot melt glue gun uses 10mm glue sticks. Fast heating. Ideal for industrial use, props stage set up. Load with 10mm diameter hot glue stick 30cm or longer from the rear and trigger forward. Preheat gun for 5 minutes before loading.

– The glue gun can be used in many surfaces, such as wood, plastics, foam, fabrics, paper, cardboard, ceramics and so on. As well as objects which have cracks or poorly jointed.
– Also used in caulking waterproof material, repairing a leak in a pail, fixing a leaky rain gutter.
– You may also use the glue gun in repairing chairs, restoring furniture as well as binding car carpers, sticking tiles and gluing together of wire netting, wood work joint for fast attachment together with wood glue in slower setting for better bond.

Hot Melt Gluestick 30cm x 1cm (dia.)

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