Impress Art Design Stamp 6mm – Handmade

Code: SC1516-F-6MM


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Add an extra touch of personalization to any hand-stamped piece with ImpressArt’s extensive selection of detail rich Design Stamps.

ImpressArt Signature metal stamps are professional quality stamps, manufactured to the highest standard for durability and alignment. Stamps are engineered from hardened steel and rated to endure stamping on soft and hard metals up to Stainless Steel*. Sharp design edges ensure crisp, deep impressions project after project. Designs are marked on side of stamp for easy identification and orientation.

Size: 6mm


  • Extra sharp character designs for crisp impressions
  • Design marked on side of stamp for easy identification & orientation
  • Rated for soft and hard metals up to Stainless Steel*
  • Lightly coated with oil to prevent rust

*Rated for stamping on Alkemé, aluminum, pewter, copper, brass, silver, gold, & other metals up to 56HRC Rockwell Hardness.

Cute design metal stamp for copper, brass, Stainless steel, Aluminium, gold, silver, wood and leather. Use in personalise jewellery, dog tag, keychain and tools identification. Position tool correctly strike once with a firm blow. Do not strike twice as will distort wording. For deep stamping place work piece on a metal stamping block and strike with a metal hammer.

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