Makin’s Texture Sheet Set B (4 pcs set)

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4 pcs set: Screen, Stripe, Checks, Dot

Size: 12cm x 17.5cm

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A quick way to add textures to your clay projects.

  • Roll clay out on rolling pad to desired thickness.
  • Lightly dust the clay with powder or cornstarch or aerosol silicon release agent. This will help to keep the clay from sticking to the texture sheet.
  • Lay texture sheet on top of the clay.
  • Gently rub the roller toll over the top of the texture sheet a few times, applying some pressure. Textured designs will appear instantly as you rub the roller over the texture sheet.
  • Do not move the texture sheet after you have started. Movement will change the pattern.
  • When finished gently lift the texture sheet from one corner until it lifts itself from the clay.

Texture sheet to cast plaster or PU resin for diorama. Remember to use soft soap or PU release agent for removal.

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