Microspheres SG.170.18 (40 Micron)


Quick Overview

Sizes: 150g and 1kg
Mesh: 40 microns



Lightweight material consisting of glass micro balloons with a tiny air bubble encased. The buoyancy mixed with resins enable plastic casting to float. As glass is inert, its addition as filler to oil or acrylic colors ensure colors remain vibrant. No subsequent chemical reactions as well. Texturing medium in paints incorporate micro balloons as a stable filler to minimize shrinkages.

Cement, polymer clay, plaster, epoxy and resin casting will have light weight features with these microspheres filler. Wide usage in fishing lures, floats castings as glass microspheres do not absorb water and remain buoyant perpetually.

Kneaded to natural clay, paper clay or industrial styling clay for light weight and minimize natural clay drying shrinkages in sculptures. Polymer clay shrinkages would be much reduced as heating setting at 150°C will not melt these glass microspheres.

A lightweight filler with super glue as gap, holes and bridging filler for a variety of materials like wood, styrene, acrylics, stone and cement. Can be drilled, filed and sanded when set. A strong stable non shrink filler. Small creatures taxidermy stuffed with microballons remain inert and lightweight. Gesso formulation with binder these microspheres will fill holes, gaps and undulation in gold gilding.

Set and support delicate floral petals in position while drying under vacuum or naturally without petals deformation. Its microspheres function as roller bearings  accommodate drying shrinkage movements with minimum damages to delicate petals. Easy to dust off without staining as microspheres is not a powder material. It is a mini lightweight ball bearing support friendly to delicate small flowers.

Diorama use with plaster, premix mortar or as landscape materials bound with modelling glue helps to reduce project weight. Can be colored by painting and airbrushing.

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