Multifilla Modelling Glue


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Sizes: 200g, 500g and 20kg



Water base adhesive dries clear, waterproof and flexible. In paste form easy to apply and non stringy. Apply on both surfaces and apply light pressure to secure. Non slumping. Suitable for paper quilling, parchment craft, fabric, EVA foam, XPS blue/cream foam, sponges, leather craft, modelling boards, timber, mix media art and diorama use on various landscape materials. As water base adhesive it is safe to use with a 3V battery grass planter and nylon fibres for electrostatic landscape grass planting.

Static grass planting by placing the metal electrode on the waterbase glue and sieve the nylon fibres 1-2cm above while activating the static charge. Any excess not planted can be dust off when glue is set dry. Generous glue application and dusting for denser planting. Any excess glue dries transparent.

Book binding in hard cover, spine and mull cloth head bands glueing. Best use with book press or heavy metal roller. Dries waterproof.

Sand art in card making as this pasty adhesive will firmly attach color sand neatly. Over spilled sand can be dust off when glue is dried.

Gilding use for spot repairs or touch up. Thinly brush over ungilded spot, wait till tacky then gild. Any spill over glue dries transparent.

Different from polystyrene PVA glue as fillers are incorporated to lower cost and dries opaque. Polystyrene glue is more watery but not modelling glue as a stiff paste and fast drying.

Creates realistic water fall on diorama. Measure the fall height and areas you need water to cascade on a wax paper. Apply with finger modelling glue thickly creating flow texture along the length of the fall on the wax paper. Allow to dry overnight and peel off the next day. The transparent clear textured film is then draped over the prepares and painted waterfall. Touch up areas you need to have more water. Dry brush with white paint to highlight the water effect or foam. Foam can also be created with micro-balloons sprinkled on to the modelling glue to create wake and eddies.

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