Natural Rubber Band 2pcs – 44cm(L) x 10mm(W) x 4mm(T) approx

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Sizes : 44cm(L) x 10mm(W) x 4mm(T) approx

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Natural rubber band translucent amber without any incorporation of fillers. This enhances its natural elasticity, strength and ultimately powerful propulsion. Ideally used in sling shot propulsion. Being water resistant even in salt water natural rubber bandsĀ  used individually or multiple strands for a more powerful spear gun to hunt larger prey.

Fabricate as bungee cord to tie down or secure load in transportation or as a foot operated wood turning lathe traditionally in spinning top turning. Securing tarpaulin or green house tent cover. Suspending makeshift sieve for compost or worms harvesting. Rubber springy rebounce effectively clear blocked sieve mesh.

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