Paasche Double Action Internal Mix Airbrush Set

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Double Action Airbrush with a single button control permitting flexibility of air and color action without work stoppage. A precision instrument complete with all multiple head (nozzle) and needle sizes. Packaged for instant hook-up to air source, extra fluid containers included.

Nozzle Sizes: 0.1mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm
Glass Bottles: 2 spare bottles 10z
1 bottle assembly 3oz/88cc, metal cover, tube and gasket
Metal Color Cup: 1
Air Hose: braided airhose with coupling 1/4″
Accessories: hanger, wrench, 2 spare needles V1 and V5
Pressure: 20lbs for stipple and granulated effects
30lbs for medium consistency water colors, ink and dyes
35lbs for heavier fluids, reduced lacquer, varnishes, paints and ceramic glazes with 0.5 nozzle
*Optional: 120ml PET bottle to fit screw thread of bottle assembly

A product by Paasche Airbrush Company USA


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