PEPE 250.221 Metal Punch Set 22pcs

Code: 88101638


Quick Overview

Disc cutter set, Gasket cutter,  leather disc cutter,

Box Size: 16cm x 17cm


These high carbon steel punches hardened at both end cut  thin 28 gauge metal discs, veneer disc, gasket, card and paper in assorted sizes. Use nylon base to stamp to avoid damaging cutter head. Strike punch with heavy leather mallet.

A quality tool set from Pepetools. Consisting of 7/64″ /2.8mm, 1/8″ /3.2mm, 9/64″/ 3.6mm, 5/32″ /4mm, 7/32″/5.6mm, 1/4″ /6.4mm, 9/32″/ 7.1mm. 5/16″ /7.9mm, 3/8″ /9.5mm, 13/32″ / 10MM,7/16″/ 11MM, 15/32″ /11.9MM, 1/2″/12.7MM, 9/16″ /14.3MM, 19/32″/ 15.1MM, 5/8″/ 15.9MM, 11/16″ /17.5MM, 23/32″/18.3MM, 3/4″/ 19.1MM, 25/32″ / 19.8MM, 13/16″ / 20.6MM,  7/8″/ 22.2MM  TOTAL 22 PIECES PUNCHES. Contained in a wood tool rack with clear embossed sizes.

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