Petroleum Jelly


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Size: 500g and 5kg



This refined petroleum jelly paste soften container candle wax to avoid shrinkages crack as wax cool. Add to wax during melting. Amount use is to requirement as soft wax shrink less.

As a polymer clay softener as all brands of polymer clay hardens upon standing. Mix sufficient amount knead, fold and knead with clay roller till workable. Alternatively mix in clay conditioner to soften.

In vegetable tanned leather application on grain surface and back with gentle flexing helps to work petroleum jelly into the fibres to soften and waterproofing at the same time. Prevents leather drying out and becoming brittle. Such petroleum treated leather sheath helps to safeguard against rusting of carbon steel knives.  Leather tanning chemicals are often acidic and promote  metal rusting of knife kept in sheath.

Likewise in metal protection especially high carbon steel prone to rusting, a coating of light sharpening oil followed by petroleum jelly is for long term storage of knives, tools and cutters.

Effective as a release agent in polyester castings in rubber or fiberglass molds. Similarly petroleum jelly applied to master helps to ease release. Ensure to clean up details and not to leave finger prints. As an additional insurance aerosol silicon release onto the petroleum treated surface before casting.

As a lubricant in drilling metal, rubber which tend to seize drill bits. Heat generated in drilling melts the jelly into light paraffin oil.

Lightly diluted with paraffin oil, Petroleum jelly applied on to both surfaces of Yellow EVA foam attracts and trap white flies and other flying bugs. Hang from branches of plants and fruit trees as a sticky pad. Unaffected by rain or hot weather as jelly will stick flying insects attracted by the yellow color.

Effective sealing of vacuum dessicator by applying on lid of cover and jar. Slide cover to open when chamber is not under vacuum.

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