Polycarbonate Sheet


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Polycarbonate sheet clear is more flexible than perspex and can be thermoformed for scale modelling, product designing, signages for indoor and outdoor use. Proven usages in outdoor awnings, greenhouses, light boxes and will not yellow as UV treated for the 2mm and 3 mm thickness. Clear visors for safety helmets are molded from polycarbonate. Ease release 200 a releasing agent applied on the 1mm flexible base to cast thin sheet epoxy or polyester resin as floor tiles, Mother of Pearl scales inserts for guitar or in scalemodelling. To etch as printing plate the polycarbonate sheet would withstand printing pressure unlike brittle acrylic sheet.

To cut polycarbonate, score with an acrylic cutter and bend to break. To cut profiles best saw with  wire scroll saw.  Adhere with plastic adhesive, hot glue  or RTV silicon rubber in aquatic use.

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