Polystyrene Beads 2mm – 8mm

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Bean bags infill with these beads or craft little flowers with it. Punching bag infill. Many have used as insulation infill between gypsum walls, masonry block as sound and heat insulation. Long lasting as non biodegradable.

Mixed with Multifilla premix mortar for light weight. Brush on acetone dissolves beads leaving perfectly shaped holes much like honeycomb.

Effectively used in septic tanks to prevent mosquitoes breeding. These long lasting non degradable beads sizes 2-5mm form a compact floating mass on the sewage water surface to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and odor cover. As a floating mass it will not affect septic tank decomposition efficiency or being flush away as tanks are designed in chamber sections. The out let or over flow pipes are well designed to drain excess water and not the beads. Simple preventive measure helps in gardening comfort and dengue prevention.



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