Porcelain Clay – 25kg

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High fired clay: 1280°C

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A moist porcelain clay body fired to 1280 deg C white or blue white under reduction. Formulated for slip casting can be use in sculpting by soaking and kneading with the amount of water to soften clay block. Supplied in block and would  dry out in storage. For slip casting blunge with sufficient water into a slurry to cast in Plaster of Paris molds. For consistency gauge water content of slip with hydrometer. Clay body is fine smooth. Fires white.

Fire to maturity at 1280 deg C under oxidising condition and the last 15 minutes in reduction for the nice bluish tint.

Color with velvet underglaze by AMACO generally applied in 3 coatings in greenware stage or to bisque porcelain.  Fired to maturity.

Clay of Japanese technology.

Note: Weight content will be lesser as clay dries naturally in storage.

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