Proxxon Hot Wire Cutting Device THERMOCUT 12/E (27082)

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Hot wire cutter THERMOCUT 12/E

Also for cutting free in thick Styrofoam sheets for Diorama model railway construction. For the manufacture of any profile.

Other application areas: Architecture modelling, prototype construction, for designers, decorators, or for fine work on construction insulation. And of course for classical model building.

Arrow smiths would find Thermocut bendable wire rod useful to sear cut arrow feathers to shape. Works better than blade chopper or scissors cutting especially the parabolic profiles. The feathered  arrow is mounted on to a parallel stand and rotated towards  the fixed heat adjusted hot wire searing to set profile equally on  all three feathers. The thick cutting wire 285 x 0.85mm can be hand shaped to cut any profiles without deforming.

Stable frame with pivotable fixing element at top and extendable lower wire fixing. Maximum total extension 200mm. Maximum work piece height 150mm.

Cutting wire temperature infinitely variable. With a little practice, you can achieve optimum cuts depending on the material density and thickness. Usually at medium temperatures and without too much pressure. Heat-up time 1 second. Complete with five deformable cutting wires 285 x 0.85mm.

Therma shape EPE foam, XPS foam to conform to cutting wire profile.

Technical data:
12V. 60W. Cutting wire temperature controllable from approx. 150 – 350°C. We recommend MICROMOT mains adapters  of a capacity 2A for operation.
NO 27 082

With a bit of practice, creating landscapes even for finished railroads and streets is easy. It is also no problem to make corrections to model landscapes.

Styrofoam is an inexpensive material and very environmentally friendly as compared to other materials; it can be easily cut through with a hot wire. This material is sold in standard sheet sizes of 50 x 100cm and thicknesses of 2 to 16cm at almost all DIY centres and hardware stores.

Replacement cutting wire
For the THERMOCUT 12/E. Easy to bend, therefore ideal for modelling.
NO 28 082   10 pieces

Proxxon Replacement Cutting Wire for THERMOCUT 12/E – 10pcs (28082)

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