Proxxon HSS Twist Drill Bits 3 pcs 0.5 mm (28864)

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HSS drill bits

Selected steel quality. Purpose-made stable construction with high concentricity. Shaft and bit are manufactured from a one-piece blank. High hardness for optimum life expectancy and elasticity. For drilling metal, non-ferrous metals, plastic, PC cards and wood. Work speeds: soft materials approx. 8,000rpm, hard materials approx. 3,000rpm. Ø shanks 2.35mm. Rotational speed see table.

Note: The term HSS for this tool category comes from the utilised drill material. High speed steel (HSS) is a high alloy tool steel extremely resistant to wear due to its manufacturing process and is dimensionally stable up to approx. 600°C. Cutting oil or coolant emulsion should be used as cooling lubricant, when machining steel. Spirits or petroleum should be used for aluminium. Normally, plastic and wood can be dry-machined.

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