Pure Copper Leaf


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This copper leaf foil is as thin as gold foil used in gold gilding. As a metallic foil it conducts electricity. Generally use as decorative metal gilding on wood, plaster, stone, plastic and any smooth surface. Apply with tacky modelling glue or matt sealer. Allow the glue to dry tacky before application. Once applied it cannot be shifted as it is delicate subject to tear. Torn or bare spots can be coated over with another layer of foil or spot patching with modelling glue. Two or more coating is recommended if burnishing is required. Best burnisher is with a semi precious agate stone as stone smoothness is paramount to a successful gilding.

Gilding with copper, gold and silver is an ancient art commonly found in temples, wood carvings and other art works for its permanent lustre and durable finish. In external application a protective coating like epoxy or H2O PU film coating can be painted or sprayed.

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