Remazol Batik Powder Dyes


Quick Overview

*Yellow color in lump formation which can be easily dissolved in warm water.

*Color chart for reference only. Please conduct trial before mass production.
*1 kg packing is available upon request.

Size: 100g

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NOTE: Remazol powder dyes are water soluble and moisture sensitive. Dyes may cake and lump without affecting solubility and colors properties after fixing.

Remazol reactive fabric dyes from Germany reknown for batik craft and industrial dying. Easy to use these water soluble powder dyes are best dissolved in luke warm water preferable as more concentrated solution for excess dyes will be lost in fixing and washing resulting in pastel shades. Fixing required with sodium silicate or heat like steaming or ironing. Final fixing and wax removal by boiling with soda ash 2 tablespoon per litre water. After which rinse with tap water.

Urea granules can be added to colors or in the fixing stage for  more vibrant colors. As pre-treatment in fabric washing, Urea acts as a mordant for better color absorption into the fibres.

Remazol works well in cellulose matters as a reactive dye for capillary absorption in fresh flowers before drying. Helps to restore floral colors in dry state. Not suitable for nylon or other synthetic materials.

*Color chart for reference only. Please conduct trial before mass production.




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