RT-10E Prona Pressure Tank with Castors 10L

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Bubble free casting and mold making with, silicon rubber, PU, epoxy, polyester resin, cement and plaster of paris. Also for wood stabilizing with Polycryl or epoxy. Complete with 4 folding castors. Recommended optional 20 lit air compressor and charging hose . Stainless steel pot inside allow mold making and castings set up for fast transfer into pressure chamber. Ensure cover is seated well before locking with 4 butterfly nuts. Always release pressure before opening. Larger 20 lit chamber available. Pressure castings very essential for minute detail molding and castings. Note pot life of casting materials as some PU resins set as fast as 30 seconds.

Chamber size: 33cm (H) x 27cm (D)

Stainless Steel Pot size: 18cm(H) x 24cm (D)

Capacity: 10L

Max working pressure – Do not exceed 40 psi

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