Sanding Sticks with Plastic Holder


Quick Overview

Sizes : 27cm(L) x 1.6cm(W) & 27cm(L) x 2.5cm(W)
Tapered End Thickness: 2mm



Tapered wedge sanding surface that allow sanding and shaping profiles in plastic, wood, metal and cement. The sand paper is sliced from from any standard size paper of any grits. Paper backed, cloth, soft nylon backed sand papers all can be firmly clamped. The 25mm sand paper strip is firmly secured by 2 metal clamps via a knured wheel.

Simple and practical manual sander for workshops and hobbyists in jewellery, metal crafts and  mold making. Suitable for filing and sanding even polishing metal, plaster, wood or resin castings. File seam lines, stilts marks, sand glue lines, removes sharp edges in glass crafts, sharpening, honing and polishing knives and blades with the appropriate sand paper grits attachment.

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