Sharpening Stone with Wooden Base #10000

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Size: 180 x 60 x 15mm

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A well designed for safe keeping inside a bamboo crafted stand that withstand water and  with additional non slip rubber holder. This fine 10,000 mesh corundum stone is for polishing and honing knive, carving tools to a fine finish and sharpness. Use with water and not oil. Presoak stone in water for 10 minutes before use. Progressive use of coarse 3000 mesh, 6000 mesh and final honing with 10,000 mesh is most effective towards razor  sharpness. Sharpening whetstone 10,000 mesh  is a rare find.

Ensure stone surface is flat with constant stone rotation in sharpening  and dressing with a coarse silicon carbide  stone. The white corundum stone do turn black with use denoting effecient metal removal.


  • High-grade refined whetstone to ensure effective sharpening results.
  • Double-sided sharpening design, much more exquisite.
  • Equipped with silica gel non-slip base guarantee the safe sharpening.
  • Widely used for knives, scissors, hand tools, woodworking tools, carving tools, etc.

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