Silica Sand Superfine #300 – 1kg

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Washed dried fine silica sand as green sand in lost wax, metal casting. Sand blasting grits with spot sand blaster in glass stenciling, derusting and stone engraving. Silica sand is used in flower drying with borax as preservative. To make kinetic sand dry mix with tylose powder and mist over with sufficient water till sand becomes kinetic. Keep in closed container to retain moisture. Add water if dry to reconstitute kinetic sand. As an annealing material to slow down metal cooling in knife making, tool making and spring metal by burying heated metal into the clean sand. Garden use for clayey soils for better aeration and water flow. Vermiculture as sand bed for better drainage and as grit in worm diet. A fine sand that can be enhanced its flowing properties with Aerosil 200 in dry sand art or making a sand clock. Its fine grit assist better suction and flow in an aquarium waterfall diorama. To enhance water effect add to sand super glitter powder.

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