Soda Ash


Quick Overview

Sizes: 1kg and 5kg



Enhances soap efficiency in laundry. High alkaline PH fixes Remazol batik colors. Also use in fabric prewash as mordant for better colors absorption and colors intensity. Into boiling water add soda ash to remove batik waxes and sodium silicate followed by tap water rinsing in the final stages of batik craft. Normal application 5 tablespoon to 10 litres warm water bring to boil

A high alkaline water soluble chemical for dehairing or light cleansing with sodium bicarbonate in tanning and taxidermy.

Boiling with water to recycle fibre cartons and break down fibre into paper pulp in paper making.

Soda ash and water to soften organic cellulose leaves to make leaf skeleton.

Formulation of cleaning soap powder and detergent.

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