Soywax 415 (China)


Quick Overview

Packings: 2kg and 20kg
Origin: China



Natural soybean wax. Hydrogenated from soybean oil. Suitable for cosmetic recipes like lip balm, body butter and lotions. Perfect for casting on its own or blend with palm wax, rice bran wax or beeswax as organic clean burning candles.

Its low melting point in batik wax formulation helps in better penetration into fabrics as wax resist. Also as a diluent for thickened batik wax in prolonged heating.

A soft longer burning candle wax on its own is best cast as container candles within glass jar or in T light transparent PET plastic or aluminium mini containers. The addition of candle dyes in clear plastic containers makes attractive table lights.

Color: Ivory White
Melting Point: 50°C – 52°C
Peroxide Value: 1 max Meq/kg
Iodine Value: 45 – 55
Free Fatty Acid: 0.15max

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