Speedball Pop-In Roller Brayer Kit 4″ – 4pcs

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Plastic handle  set of  interchangeable rollers —- foam, soft rubber, hard rubber and clear acrylic

Rollers application are :

 Mounting with an acrylic glue roller

  1.  Apply waterbase glue to the substrate that you wish to mount. Do not apply too much glue.
  2.  Allow glue to become tacky.
  3.  Apply aubstrate to mounting surface and roll out with a Speedball acrylic brayer.

Stenciling with a foam roller

1.  Place the stencil on newspaper, design-side up. Roll out an even coat of acrylic ink on the stencil.

Lift the stencil and repeat the process to make a pattern.

2.  Pop the roller out of the frame and wash it out with soap and water. Dry it off and change colors, or purchase

an extra roller and use one for light colors and one for dark colors.

Inking the block with hard and soft rollers

1.  Squeeze a ribbon of Speedball block onto an inking plate. Roller out the ink with the brayer to create a thin

layer of ink spread evenly over the entire roller.

2.  Place the cut block design-side up. Using the brayer, roll out an even coat of ink onto the block. Do not

over- ink the block. The ink will adhere to the raised areas of the design. If ink adheres to other areas, you may

have to re-cut those areas to make them sufficiently lower than the raised surfaces.









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