SS Pouring Jug 2L

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Thick gauge stainless steel 2 litres jug. Clear marking embossed inside jug 0.5 lit, 0.6 lit up to 2.0 lit. In oz starting 16oz, 18oz, 20oz to 64oz. Flat bottom to seat level on hot plate of water bath. Ideal and used by candle makers with soywax, bee wax, paraffin wax, rice bran wax in fact for all type of waxes and oils.

Soap makers use in melt and pour soap making for direct heating on hot plate. Cold process soap making would find the jug marking useful in adding lye to oil with the wide mouth to facilitate safe blending and pouring into soap molds.

Durable probably drawn and formed from one piece stainless steel plate.

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