Studio Shape Maker – Floral Set I

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Quick Overview

Depth: 1.8cm

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Metal cutter to die cut flower from polymer clay, HB2 clay and pastry.

5 metal cutters for creating leaves and flowers.

  • Medium Rose Petal
  • Large Rose Petal
  • Small Rose Petal
  • Small Daisy Petal
  • Large Daisy Petal

Use Shape Maker cutters to create:

  • Petals for roses, fuchsias, poppies, large sunflowers, large daisies, large coneflowers, lilies and magnolias.
  • Leaves for ferns and various flowers.

Roll clay to desired thickness. Cut out petals and leaves using Shape Maker cutters. Assemble flowers and ferns.

Clean with soap and water.

A Studio set by Sculpey Polyform Products Company USA

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