Taidea Knife Sharpening Guide

Code: TG1091


Quick Overview

Size : 100 x 20 x 16mm

Holder Material: PP plastic with Ceramic inserts.

Origin: China.

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 Sharpening guide  to clamp on to back of knife blade to set a consistent anglein sharpening. 2 pieces ceramic rods on each side is to maintain the knife angle. As hard wearing ceramic it protect the high density plastic from being abraded in the sharpening process on the whetstone. Maintain light pressure in back and forth motion. Suited for kitchen knives, utility knives and any fixed blade knives in wet sharpening on whetstone.

Product Feature:

1. Design easy to use.

2. Sharpening angle guide is accurate which can guide perfect blade.

3. Unique ceramic protective layer for durable use.


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