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Multifilla tile adhesive is a high viscosity, higher strength cement adhesive than tile cement. Suited for DIY tiling granite tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, stone, marble, bricks and other construction and decorative arts use. Proven and used since 1985 in the Thean Hou Temple project in Robson Heights and still being used in many decorative cement sculptures and theme parks to adhere ceramics tiles, mosaics and colored glass and mirror mosaics on to cement sculptures. These decorative cement sculptures are then installed outdoor or on temple roof tops as durable maintenance free installation.

A ready to use dry mix need addition of sufficient water to form a stiff workable paste. Non slumping it have strong adhesive properties ideal for of repairs flower pots, tiling stones on flower pots and jars, decorative construction of  gardening pots sculptures, repairing drains, cracks, holes, tiles and marble skirtings. Smoothen and clean up with water after work. It is a slow setting and hardening cement with good moisture retension essential for proper shrink free curing. Fast curing cement often result in hollow sounding when tapped as moisture is rapidly drawn into substract and subsequent cement shrinks. Ultimately over time tiles become loose, cracks or fall off. Precast housing panels are noted for difficulty in tiling on its smooth dense concrete surface requiring addition of liquid polymer adhesives to tile cement. Multifilla tile adhesive do not require such addition as proven over time in many pioneer 4 storey prefab housing projects.

Use in tile on tile of ceramic tiles over terrazzo or mosaics without messy hacking of existing sound tiles. Also use for spot repair of loose or missing mosaic tiles, skirting and nosing tiles.


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