Transfer Paper 9″ x 13″


Quick Overview

4pcs and 20pcs pack



9″ x 13″ 4 pcs pack

  1. Pack of 4 pcs graphite
  2. Pack of 4 pcs white
  3. Pack of 4 pcs combination of 2 each

9″ x 13″ 20 pcs pack

  1. Pack of 20 pcs graphite
  2. Pack of 20 pcs white

Graphite and white transfer paper for designs transfer on to fabric, wooden wares,  paper crafts. Transferred designs removable with grime eraser or kneadable eraser.

Additional information


4pcs of graphite/white or 4pcs combination of 2 each, 20pcs of graphite, 20pcs of white