Wood Wicks 11.5mm x 100mm with Clips x 10 Sets

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Clean burning wood wick ideal for container candles cast with soywax, beewax, coconut wax and even rice bran wax. These soft organic waxes with wood wick burn well with a rustic feel. Smokeless too and should a bigger flame be required double clip 2 pieces of wood strips together.  For smaller container candle the wick can be cut 90 degree flat into 2 pieces leaving the 45 degree pointed end upright for easy lighting. These wood wicks are unwaxed which is not a problem as it becomes waxed as you pour over the wick in filling the container.

The metal clip is reusable and easy to clip on with both wire handles. It can be installed with handles upright over the wick or removed. To centralize and secure the wick, pinch a small ball of industrial wax clay to the metal base before pouring.

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