XPS Cream Foam


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Density: 25 – 32kg/m3
Edge Profile: Shiplap/Square/E



Similar to blue foam except for its cream color. It is also an extruded polysterene foam (XPS) closed cell high density foam 25kg to 32kg/m3. Available in shiplap or butt edge. Easy to cut with electrical hot wire or sharp utility knife and glue with modelling glue. This foam is much preferred over styrofoam for prototyping, formwork and crafts due to its compact structure, neat shaping, sanding and smoothness. Good thermal conductivity 0.034w/mk for cold boxes, heat insulation with glue and drywall screws in fabrication of mold boxes too. Mounting and stuffing of taxidermy for its stability and light weight.

For outdoor or indoor sculptures and protected if needed for impact resistant with paint on Epsilon from Smooth-On USA. After which spray paint without dissolving the foam.





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