Xtraseal Plus Series B2 Pioneer White Lithium Grease – 400ml

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Size: 400ml

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Practical application of lithium grease in aerosol to spray hard to reach areas. This water and heat resistant lithium grease lubricates, prevent rust and will not wash off in outdoor application. It provides a lubricating film coating to  metal gears, door rollers, lock, transmission chain, sprokets, bearings,  fishing hand reel, turntable, hinges and other electrically powered  moving parts. Hand tools application as rust prevention. Grease application out last aerosol oil spray which dries over time. Easier to apply as mold release agent than petroleum jelly in cement casting in premix mortar or polyester casting.

Shake well can before use. Do not spray near to open flame and electrical sparks as propellant is flammable. Use in well ventilated areas. Do not discard empty can into fire.

For application on plastics and rubber see technical data sheet.


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