ZIG Painty FX Marker Medium Tip – Yellow

Code: ZPPF-30Y


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A medium tip paint marker suitable for indoor and out door marking and decorations. Fast drying, non dripping water proofed and permanent opaque paint marker for plastics, metal, stone, ceramics and other engraved materials.

To use shake marker till you hear the ball bearing and pump tip by pushing downwards on a piece of paper till the paint flows to the writing tip.

Ink Type: Alcohol-based Pigment, Xylene Free, Low Odour, Hi-Opaque, Fast Drying, Acid Free, Lightfast

Applications & Features:

  • Xylene Free paint marker
  • This new generation paint marker has equivalent performance to traditional xylene-based paint marker but environmental friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for various surfaces

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