Wood Work

  • tarbender-logotarbender-logo

    SMOOTH-ON Tarbender: 1.29kg – High Gloss UV Resistant Clear Epoxy

    Net Weight: 2.83lbs/1.29kg Read Technical Bulletin and MSDS before using available at: https://www.smooth-on.com/products/tarbender/
  • multifilla-pensander-ps-13multifilla-pensander-ps-13

    Proxxon Pensander PS 13 (28594)

    View video info at:  http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/28594.php
  • multifilla-belt-sander-bs_emultifilla-belt-sander-bs_e

    Proxxon Belt Sander BS/E 28536

    View video info at:  http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/28536.php
  • polishing-machine-pm-100polishing-machine-pm-100

    Proxxon Polishing Machine PM 100 (27180)

    Sword polishing, Jewellery polishing, Stone and plastic polishing, Printing/Etching plate polisher. View video info at:  http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27180.php
  • bench-circular-saw-ks-230bench-circular-saw-ks-230

    Proxxon Bench Circular Saw KS 230 (27006)

    Mini bench saw, Miniature table saw View video info at:  http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27006.php
  • micro-woodturning-lathe-db250micro-woodturning-lathe-db250

    Proxxon MICRO Woodturning Lathe DB 250 (27020)

    View video info at:  http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27020.php  
  • planing-machine-dh-40planing-machine-dh-40

    Proxxon Planing Machine DH 40 (Thicknesser DH 40), (27040)

    Self feed planner, Miniature wood planner, Mini thickenesser http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27040.php
  • surface-planer-ah-80surface-planer-ah-80

    Proxxon Surface Planer AH 80 (27044)

    View video info at:  http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27044.php
  • micro-bench-miller-mp-400micro-bench-miller-mp-400

    Proxxon Micro-Bench-Miller MP 400 (MICRO shaper MP 400), (27050)

    Mini table router View video info at:  http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27050.php
  • disc-sander-tg-125_edisc-sander-tg-125_e

    Proxxon Disc Sander TG 125/E (27060)

    View video info at:  http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27060.php
  • table-saw-fettable-saw-fet

    Proxxon Table Saw FET (27070)

    Bench saw, tilting saw, circular saw View video info at:  http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27070.php
  • scroll-saw-ds-230_escroll-saw-ds-230_e

    Proxxon Scroll Saw DS 230/E (27088)

    View video info at:   http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27088.php