Americana Gloss Enamels Reusable Stick-On Stencils – Elegance

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Quick Overview

Size: 6″ x 8″

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Decorative reusable stencils for glass, ceramics, wood and more. These adhesive-backed stencils are soft and flexible, and specifically designed for use on curved and flat, smooth surfaces. Ideal for use with Gloss Enamels on glass surfaces.


  1. Begin with a clean, dry surface.
  2. Apply paint as desired.
  3. After paint application, immediately peel stencil from surface to prevent paint from adhering to stencil.
  4. Gently wash stencil with DecoMagic Brush Cleaner or soap & water immediately after use.
  5. Pat dry with paper towel. Return to original plastic sheet.

Application Methods:

  • For smooth appearance spread paint with palette knife or dab on with brush.
  • For textured appearance apply with dauber or cosmetic sponge.

Additional Tips:

  • Cut slits into border of stencil to make it easier to wrap around complex curves.
  • Use a toothpick or a razor blade to scrape away unwanted paint and rough edges.
  • Use a stylus, toothpick, or end of brush handle to add dots on or around designs.

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