Carnauba Wax T4 – Block


Quick Overview

Color: Dark Brown



Melting: 80oC – 83oC This high melting point carnauba wax T4 filtered fatty grey is available in flakes, block and combination of Carnauba/Tung oil for better wood preservation. Also available Carnauba wax/Tung oil abrasive. This norminal 150g block contains fine fossilised micro skeletal remains of fresh water diatoms that consist of 99.9 % organic silica safe for human consumption. Use as manual or mechanical buffing of wood this carnauba/tung oil abrasive give a superb smooth finish to hard wood.

Hard durable natural wax for polishing, coating, candle, investment casting, waterproofing, cosmetics and infilling with hot knife over marquetry gaps and nail holes in wood.

Leathercraft use in edge sealing with Carnauba/Tung oil wax and machine buff with wood dressing wheel to a hard finish.

Best applied with buffing wheel as friction heat ensures even application of this hard wax. Hand polishing with cloth duster by rubbing carnauba wax block onto wood surface and manual buffing.

The Carnauba/Tung oil combination will have the tung oil polymerises inside wood cells as preservation and the carnauba wax as hard surface protection. An ideal durable waterproof coating for natural wood bows and arrows treated with Tung oil.

Resultant finishing with carnauba wax is a smooth feel scratch resistant easy to touch up unlike shellac finish.


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