Chavant Clay – NSP Brown 2lb (Sulphur Free)


Quick Overview

Size: 2lbs/906g
Origin: Chavant USA



NSP is a sulphur free, somewhat tougher, waxier, sculpting plasteline, used widely in fine arts and special effects. Can be melted and poured at approximately 185°F. Available in Soft, Medium and Hard grades. CNC user friendly. NSP can be brushed at 180°F and poured at 185°F. When cooled, the clay tends to feel harder than the original but can be kneaded back to original firmness and consistency. Industrial styling clay is generally used in prototyping, product designing and modelling. Can be used indefinitely. Soften in microwave defrost mode or with an industrial heat gun. Clean up finger prints, blemishes with isopropyl alcohol. To mold use tin cure silicon rubber.

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